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Jay on the Issues

America’s families are our greatest resource. Let’s give them the protection and benefits they need to thrive.  In hard economic times, our families are squeezed by lost jobs and falling wages. As your Congressman, I will never stop fighting to help American families.

We must invest in education that provides greater opportunities for all of our children. Let’s work to support our schools, teachers, and students. We must also find practical ways to reduce the burden our debt will have on our children.

We are a nation of diverse and hardworking communities, and we need to keep them safe and vibrant. Too many of our community members are lost to poverty and prison. I will work to end these problems and restore our communities.

America is at its best when it respects its seniors. Our leaders in Washington are trying to gut the programs our seniors need. I promise to oppose cuts and save our seniors.

Our veterans have made great sacrifices for our nation. Let’s do all we can to honor their dignity and courage.

Candidate Petitions

Please help me collect candidate petitions. I can collect candidate petitions from any registered voter in Florida regardless of party affiliation or district boundary.