These are my beliefs:

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I believe we need a miracle to save America.

I believe that God wants to save America.

I am a conservative. I am a social conservative. I am a fiscal conservative.

I believe in the United States Constitution and believe every law should strictly adhere to it.

I believe in limited government. Our federal government is too large, too expensive, and too powerful and our taxes are too high. The federal government has no business dictating what our children should learn in school, or controlling our health care, or telling ministers what they can say from the pulpit.

I support a strong national defense, a consistent and forceful foreign policy, and secure national borders.

I support real tax reform that is geared towards the support of families.

I support the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I support marriage between a man and a woman.

I support increased school choice, empowering parents to make decisions about how their children are educated.

I believe that provision and protection comes through the love of God and our neighbors.

I believe jobs are a blessing from the Lord.


I believe in:

An America with a growing economy spurred by reduced taxation.

An America that respects the God-given right to life of all people, born and unborn.

An America that is a world power, whose leaders’ words are believed and whose leaders are trusted by our allies.


Thank you,

Jay Bonner