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Toddler and New Baby Sibling Bonding

Welcoming another member of the family is a great thing for the family. But for your toddler it presents life changing things. Toddlers will have difficulty for sure adjusting to the new setting. It will bring enormous changes for your toddler and it is important that parents should keep an eye on them even if they are sleep deprived.

The following are tips on how to help your toddler adapt and bond with his new baby sibling:

Before the Baby is Born

Read stories about new baby siblings. There are many books about this. This will help your toddler prepare the coming of a new baby sibling. A great example for this is the book “I’m a Big Sister”, written by Joanna Cole. This book is a story about what does a baby say when they are crying. This will reassure your baby the whenever the baby is crying it is their way of communicating whether it wants milk, or it wants to sleep.

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Let your toddler listen to your belly. This will serve as a start of bonding between your two kids even if the baby is not yet born. This will introduce your incoming baby to your child and an opportunity to let your toddler know that the incoming baby can already hear your toddler.

Browse the baby pictures of your toddler. Show them pictures of them while they are still weeks old. You can also show them pictures of them while in the hospital, being cuddled, being kissed and others. This will make them understand that they where also cared for and enjoyed the attention when they were a baby.

After the Baby is Born

Encourage your toddler to help. Let your toddler help you do those little job like choosing the best outfit for your baby. Your toddler can also be asked to pass the wipes, nappies, bottles or asking your toddler to join you to massage the baby. Speaking of great help, this website is helpful when it comes to choosing the best strollers, check it out.

Be prepared for newborn gifts. Whenever there is new baby, people tend to be generous and will give you lots of gifts, but this can make your toddler feel left out. What you can do is to keep the baby gift away or open them later when your toddler is already asleep. Or you can give something also for your toddler as your toddler’s own gift.

Ensure that life still goes on. Of course, although something has change and your life isn’t the way before. Let your toddler feel that you still play with him and you still spend time. If this is not done your toddler will associate getting a new baby as end of good and fun stuff.