Unusual Sports Around the World

Sports like basketball, football, soccer and others are very popular and are known around the world. But did you know that there are unusual sports like toe wrestling.

This may seem to sound peculiar, but these sports are played and are taken seriously by many people. It has even a world championship for this like the “wife carrying”.

These sports are strange that makes it appealing. These sports have a huge following and many fans because these sports are hilarious.

Here is the list of Unusual Sports around the world:

Sepak Takraw

This game originated from Asia. This sports like volleyball but instead of hands you use your feet to hit the ball. You can also use any parts of your body but not your hands to hit the ball and keep the ball in the air.

Dog Surfing

This is just basically surfing but with a dog companion surfing with you. To make it more intense sometimes the dog does a trick while the human is standing on the board.

Cheese rolling

This game is somewhat unusual and fun. It is done by rolling a cheese downhill while people race to chase it. The first one to reach the downhill wins the cheese.

Elephant Polo

This is just like your typical polo but instead of using a horse, players use elephants. This is usually played in countries like Thailand, Nepal and India.

Wife Carrying

This game originated in Finland in 1999 and reached North America. The sport is literally what the name is. A man carrying a woman it its back and run through obstacles along the way. The man and woman should not necessarily married each other. The goal of the game is to complete that course with the shortest time. In case the woman falls, the team’s time will be added 5 seconds time.

Chess Boxing

Like the name suggests, it is the combination of two familiar games chess and boxing. The game is alternated between a chill and mind consuming game and an intense, physical game.

Underwater Hockey

It is hockey that is done under the water. It was invented on 1954 in United Kingdom.

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